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06 February 2011 @ 09:15 pm

❶ If you want to cosplay a character at a convention, you have to be ready for people to take pictures of you. At least the ones that ask for pictures say please.

❷ Some people make their outfits, some buy theirs online. I have two outfits that I have bought on ebay or costume moon website. If you can't sew, doesn't mean you can't cosplay. So go ahead and buy your outfit. You can always tell the difference when it's bought or handmade.

❸ To be in perfect cosplay you need to be in character. For example; Gokudera Hayato of Reborn!. He's hot-headed and short-tempered and usually always starts a fight. So you can't act him out and be all smiles and jumping with joy lol. Well you can jump and be happy when seeing Tsuna{Juudaime}. But you get what I'm getting at. Be in character when cosplaying~

❹ If you don't want to be in character that's fine as well, it just makes you look more like a professional I guess that's the word I'm looking for.

❺ Make up; this is were I am not soo great in. I'm a person who wears little make up to none. Anime characters have white skin to begin with. I've had my friends help me out with eye make up.

❻ Wigs; wigs are alot of fun..sometimes lol. Not soo great on a windy day though. When buying a wig, wash it first. I remember I didn't do that with my first C.C. wig and it got tangled pretty bad. If you have long hair or even short hair, a hair net works like a charm. I have a skin colored one so you can't see the colour of my hair through my wig net.

❼ Fabricland is your best friend. If you plan on making/getting a lot of fabric, try to get the premium card. Saving money is always a good thing. You also get coupons in the mail for premium members only.

❽ Remember! You don't have to follow these rules, these are just my own rules when it comes to cosplaying.

➀ Now for my community rule. Please don't steal my pictures or credit yourself saying the work is all yours. I'm posting how I made my outfits to help people.
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